Co-lecturer Robotic Games SS 20

graduate course, Heidelberg University, Aries Lab, 2020

The lecture robotic Games is a colaboration between me and Holger Dieterich applying higher level reasoning to mobile robotics systems.

We had in preperation of the new semester build a new lab and aquired 6 new turtlebot3 robots for the students to work with. Covid19 however hit us hard and we had to pivot to a simulation based lecture. This meant rewriting or scrapping several of the exercise sheets. Still we tried to further refine the lecture by focussing the content even more, neglecting the camera based methods of the last semester and focussing more on the intelligent control.

As part of this lecture we also tried to offer multiple specialisations :

Force based modeling

may_the_force The first specialisation foccused on purely reactive force based methods and explored how one could take those concepts.


chess The second specialisation focussed on minimax and other gametheoretic search based algorithms and how they can be applied to the setting of mobile robots.


planners The third and final specialisation focussed on HTN Planning, a techniqui widely used in the field of video games and discussed how it can be used to coordinate multiple mobile robots into “herds”.