Tutor Robotic Games WS 19/20

graduate course, Heidelberg University, Chair of Automation, 2019

The lecture robotic Games is a colaboration between me and Holger Dieterich applying higher level reasoning to mobile robotics systems.

In this first iteration we focused on structure. While the precurser to this lecture was free form project based, this semester we aimed at introducing weekly exercise sheets that would guide the students as they deepend their knowledge of mobile robotics and ROS.


  • Behavioral-based recursive, nested control structure (RNBC)
  • Kinematics of wheeled mobile robots
  • Non-holonomic control
  • Foundations of game theory in particular non-cooperative two-player games, e.g. Cat and Mouse
  • Practical implementations and experimental testing of the methods and algorithms used

Final Project

The final Project had the students split into groups to develop their own robot. The requirements can be found here